A Voice to Echo


Making a difference in the lives of others was the honourable mission set out by a motivated and inspired team of kind hearted people. Nurturing A Voice to Echo from one good deed, into the uplifting and life changing support that it is today, ultimately fulfilling their destiny and creating opportunity for others to achieve the same.

One autumn morning (on Easter Day 2015) A Voice to Echo set out to help bring smiles to the faces of the children in a small village in Kya Sands called Msawawa. They were greeted by great excitement and joy. The children were given Easter eggs and the adults were given bibles and prayer cards, introducing them to the word of God. With the help from the village leader the team were able to reach so many people in need of hope and love. Completely overwhelmed by the positive impact just one day made to the destitute of Msawawa Village, the A Voice to Echo team made it their mission to help where ever possible by spreading the word of the Lord and giving aid to those in need.

In such a short period of time, A Voice to Echo has managed to distribute; blankets during the winter seasons, clothing to those who had non and homes to those who had lost theirs in a tragic fire.

Earlier this year a tent was set up giving the people of Msawaw a place to pray every 2nd Sunday and receive the blessings of the Lord and learn how to help themselves and those around them.

The village has come to know and appreciate A voice to Echo for their support and comfort in the word, ultimately building a stronger community filled with hope for a better future.